Do you want the best version of your horse?


Do you want the best version of your horse? 

This goes out to all the riders and horse owners who want to make the best out of themselves and their horse!


You would like to have a well trained horse, but the progress hasn't been very big until now? 


You are hoping that with some time and riding lessons your horse will just get better, but you have no control of when exactly that will be?


Then you've just found the right trainer to help you!


I will join you on your way to the best version of your horse!


Make more of yourself and your horse and get the best version of your horse with ease and fun!


A little about me, I'm a professional dressage rider and trainer. Before I started my own business in 2018, I was already on the road as a rider in Austria, Spain and Germany.


Since I started my own business, I have been able to help numerous riders and horse owners to get the best version of their horse and to achieve their desired goals!


In contrast to other methods, with me you will actually have the opportunity to achieve your desired goals for you and your horse! 

About Jennifer Herzog