Jennifer Herzog was born on 08.09.1989 in Regensburg. She grew up in Aachen and Raidwangen.At the age of 2 she began to vault. From the age of nine, she spent her childhood in Ibiza, where she attended an English private school. In Ibiza she met Navajo, her first own pony. In 2003 Jennifer moved to Denia. Here she bought Legolas, with whom  Jennifer rode young horses  tests and trained him to St. George. At 16, she graduated from high school.




This was followed by an internship with Alexandra Simons de-Ridder and her husband Ton de-Ridder.


Back in Spain, she started working for Ignacio Lopez Porras. After a lifetime in Spain, the decision was made to complete an apprenticeship as a Pferdewirtin in the field of "classical riding education" on the Hofgut Albführen, which was successfully completed in Warendorf.  


After completing her apprenticeship she worked as a rider for the Max-Theurer family in Austria and meanwhile, for some years now, has been self-employed in the context of riding, teaching and training with the training and further education of horse and rider.


As an international dressage trainer and rider with Grand Prix experience, Jennifer Herzog is also there for you and your horse.