Successful education means conservation, developing and encouraging the natural assets of each horse. Jennifer's top priority is keeping the horses healthy. Particular attention is paid to age-appropriate training.





Jennifer Herzog is on the road throughout Germany and beyond the borders of Germany. 


Each horse is unique and needs

individual support to achieve the

goals expected. With Jennifer Herzog

the horses are trained without



The horses, from the Remonte to 
the high class, are trained towards upcoming tasks, such as competing or recreational sports.





 Jennifer sees her daily job in helping riders and their horses to work together more conscious. Thereby bringing closer the connection of the Training scale between horse and rider.

Objective: maintaining health, performance, harmony and success for horse and rider.
Based on the skills and abilities of rider and horse, Jennifer gives individual lessons. She does not only specialize in dressage riders, but also show jumpers and eventing riders benefit from good dressage.






As an international trainer, Jennifer Herzog also offers professional dressage lessons across the borders of Germany as part of a one-day or multi-day course. Their goal is to accompany and inspire as many rider-horse couples as possible on the way to their goals.