Client opinions

Sandra Krieg

The lessons were so good that the next day I won first place twice at the jumping competition with 7.5 points  :-)





Nicole Heemsoth

Very good riding instructor, who also likes to build poles and other things into dressage work. My mare is making visible progress in a short time. That's definitely worth it!


Annette Thielbörger

Jennifer Herzog lives up to her philosophy! With expertise and patience, she trains horse and rider extensively. Be it lessons, training or her courses. With all this we have been able to make only very good experiences. Her special focus is on the sensitive training and promotion of each horse within its capabilities. Anyone who is looking for a dressage trainer who values the big picture and successfully trains with intellect into the high class, Jennifer Herzog is just the right person.



Lea Schölles

I am also very satisfied! After 4 months of training with Jennifer, my mare exceeded all my expectations. Jennifer is always pro horse - whether  she corrects the seat or forming the horse. Everything is thought through with calm and time. If we started the first E-dressage classes last year, she is now running M-lessons. And I got back an absolutely fine horse that was fun to work with.

During the training I was kept up to date with photos, reports and videos and could come over whenever I wanted.

The integrated lessons at the end were also great, so that me and my horse grew together and I can continue to work well.

I am absolutely satisfied - my horse is absolutely satisfied. Simply first class competent competent we are looking forward to further training and the upcoming courses!

Thanks again!


Kristin Feldhaus

I really enjoyed the course with Jennifer Herzog. It was the second course I took part in with her. For my two horses I was able to take valuable tips and tricks with me and understand my horses better. I have adopted the exercises she has used in my daily work with the horses. Things have been going better since then.


Jasmin Stender

Jennifer Herzog is an excellent dressage trainer. She rides and teaches with great sensitivity and both horse and rider never lose the fun of working, with great emphasis on a holistic training approach. She pays great attention to a varied training, be it pole work or working with the double lunge. While the horse is in training with Jennifer, we are always provided with reports, photos and videos, and the lessons are recorded at intervals with photos and videos for later analysis, so that the rider can see where his weaknesses and strengths are. A first-class professional rider who trains the horses with great patience up to the high classes.


Sina Jürgens 

I am absolutely satisfied. friendly, reliable, horse-friendly, prudent, good quality riding, varied and above all there is nothing that can upset her.


Helene Thölen

The course was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again. Jennifer Herzog approached the whole thing with a lot of patience and she conveyed everything very well.

In addition, she has such a positive aura and has always built in a few jokes, so that the lesson was even more fun.

I was also able to take a lot with me from the course and now continue to train with the approaches that I worked out with her help.

So it was really a very nice experience.




Birgit und Marie Katz

Marie liked it very much. She really enjoyed it. Ms. Herzog explained everything in a very understandable way and gave many tips so that Marie could implement it well. In addition, she was very friendly, pleasant and praised a lot. An all-round great experience that she would like to repeat at some point.





Linda Obermeyer

I am very satisfied with the course and would take part again at any time.

Jennifer responded to my wishes and explained very clearly what I should be observing when I ride. She also took the time after riding to talk about the horse in general and gave me some good tips. 

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