Dressage clinics

In two days to a significantly better riding experience, with ease and fun!

How I do it?


I work with riders, horse owners or horse riders who often share some basic problems.

-They get frustrated because certain things, like for example a half pass, don't get better even after repeating them 100 times.

-The have problems doing sitting trot and they think the horse is just difficult to do sitting trot on.

-The horse does not really look for a contact on the rein and then goes behind the vertical.

-The horse will speed up in the extended gaits instead of carrying itself.


Often these problems can be identified and solved under the saddle or on the lunge. 


How do I solve these problems?

In a two-day clinic, I give the rider and his horse a new approach to training. The rider learns to feel his horse anew and to trust his own feelings. The question is not: Is the horse behind the vertical? but to ask: what am I going to do about it!

If it doesn't feel good, then its no good.

Good training should be fun for both rider and horse!


You can find the dates for the upcoming clinics here

I am on the road for you giving dressage clinics in Berlin, Stuttgart, Leer, Osnabrück, Frankfurt, Hamburg and at other locations throughout Germany and also in Spain, Austria and Switzerland, Latvia


I haven't been to your country yet? Write me a message or give us a call and we will organise something!

Client opinions



Birgit und Marie Katz

Marie liked it very much. She really enjoyed it. Ms. Herzog explained everything in a very understandable way and gave many tips so that Marie could implement it well. In addition, she was very friendly, pleasant and praised a lot. An all-round great experience that she would like to repeat at some point.






Kristin Feldhaus

I really enjoyed the course with Jennifer Herzog. It was the second course I took part in with her. For my two horses I was able to take valuable tips and tricks with me and understand my horses better. I have adopted the exercises she has used in my daily work with the horses. Things have been going better since then.


Linda Obermeyer

I am very satisfied with the course and would take part again at any time.

Jennifer responded to my wishes and explained very clearly what I should be observing when I ride. She also took the time after riding to talk about the horse in general and gave me some good tips.


Helene Thölen

The course was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again. Jennifer Herzog approached the whole thing with a lot of patience and she conveyed everything very well.

In addition, she has such a positive aura and has always built in a few jokes, so that the lesson was even more fun.

I was also able to take a lot with me from the course and now continue to train with the approaches that I worked out with her help.

So it was really a very nice experience.


Bereiter Rheinland-Pfalz und Hessen
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