As an international trainer, Jennifer Herzog offers professional dressage lessons throughout Germany and beyond the borders of Germany as part of a one-day or multi-day course.

Their goal is to accompany and inspire as many rider-horse couples as possible on the way to their goals.

Explicit topic courses, theme days, open courses and individual priorities are possible.


Of course, there are no restrictions in terms of which discipline, breed or level of riding!



Other course topics:


Pole training 


She sees the work with poles and jumps as an important component of training horses and riders. Not only is an independent and safe seat promoted, but also the horse acquires awareness and body balance. The poles can promote detachment and stimulate other new movements, opening completely new possibilities and possibilities for additional training. In the duration of the course, the current training of the horse is also continued.



Seat correction


The biggest problems are usually not with the horse, but in the rider's seat. The seat is and continues to be the center of our influence and, therefore, one of the most important components of learning. If there is not a loose and relaxed seat, you cannot expect a loose and relaxed horse. Often, problems for a relaxed seat tend to go unnoticed to the upper classes. But those who want to ride in a fine way should have a fine seat above all.






Again and again, Jennifer Herzog points out that many basic, but also higher, training problems can already be started or eliminated with the double lunge or normal lunge training. But lunging must be learned correctly! To train a holistically correct horse, good basic training in both single and double lunge is essential. Good lunge training is always clearly reflected under the saddle and greatly facilitates additional education.