Riding lessons: how do I do it?


During riding lessons, it is important to me to create a productive working atmosphere for the riders and horse owners. Mistakes are allowed and welcome, because it helps to understand your horse and yourself better. The riders shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes.

Just because something doesn't work out doesn't mean that it is bad. It's a process, you have to work things out. Consistently, but without punishing. The horse does not know what it is doing, it reacts to the instruction of its rider. The result depends on the instructions given. I try to teach the riders to enjoy the small advances that usually get forgotten. When you are happy about the little things, you can see that things are moving forward and that takes the pressure off the rider and his horse.


What's next?


In three months we will work in two lessons per week on how to work better with your horse. How to get a good feeling while riding and how to get involved in working with your horse in a much less stressful way. Depending on where you stand with your horse, you will see rapid progress that you might not even expect.

While you put it into practice in the teaching units, I explain the theoretical background of the individual work steps so that you can work independently with your horse. Together we will adjust the feeding, equipment and training so that you will enjoy working on new things with your horse.



"I particularly enjoy working with horses that are 'different' - so one may be even less tempted to work according to a scheme!" - Jennifer Herzog 2017 about her work as a trainer.


Take the opportunity and secure yourself the  3 month intensive dressage-lesson package.


Some example regions in which I give lessons:









Other places are possible but must be in a 100km perimeter around 46325.

Client opinions




Nicole Heemsoth

Very good riding instructor, who also likes to build poles and other things into dressage work. My mare is making visible progress in a short time. That's definitely worth it!

Sandra Krieg

The lessons were so good that the next day I won first place twice at the jumping competition with 7.5 points  :-)





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