Jennifer Herzog sees her daily task in helping riders to be aware and independent. The focus is on horse and rider to bring the connections of the training scale closer.

"The dressage is for the horse, not the horse for the dressage" - Bent Branderup. Jennifer Herzog gives her lessons according to this guiding principle. It does not matter which breed, discipline or level - everyone is picked up at the point where he is in that moment and encouraged to develop form there on.

Especially through her time in Spain, Jennifer Herzog has been able to gain experience with a wide variety of horses and breeds, giving her a fine feeling and innovative solutions, especially for special breeds.


"I particularly enjoy working with horses that are 'different' - so one may be even less tempted to work according to a scheme!" - Jennifer Herzog 2017 about her work as a trainer.

▶️ Sina Jürgens 

I am absolutely satisfied. friendly, reliable, horse-friendly, prudent, good quality riding, varied and above all there is nothing that can upset her ◀️