Each horse is unique and needs individual support to achieve the goals expected. With Jennifer Herzog all horses are trained individually and without pressure.

 Our horses, from the Remonte to the higher classes, are prepared for upcoming tasks. Here, the focus is on a holistic, character-strengthening training.




- Training units can be booked in the surrounding of about 100km


- For intense training and care we have boxes at Gut Hohenkamp

* 3 times daily oats / müsli 

* 2 times daily hay

* 7 days a week, walker / sand paddocks / gras paddocks 



- The horses get trained 5-6 days per week

- additional to the normal dressage work, the horses are lunged, jumped, exercised on the racetrack or on the cross country track.

- Participating at competitions is possible depending on the arrangements and the horses abilities 



▶️ Annette Thielbörger

Jennifer Herzog lives up to her philosophy! With expertise and patience, she trains horse and rider extensively. Be it lessons, training or her courses. With all this we have been able to make only very good experiences. Her special focus is on the sensitive training and promotion of each horse within its capabilities. Anyone who is looking for a dressage trainer who values the big picture and successfully trains with intellect into the high class, Jennifer Herzog is just the right person  ◀️