The best version of your horse in only a few months, fully documented


How does it work? Why document? 


Horse owners often have difficulties separating themselves from their horses. The uncertainty of what happens to the horse in a new stable or with a new rider prevents many owners from giving their horses a good training. 


With us, every horse is individually trained lovingly and without pressure. The focus is on holistic, character strengthening training. Every horse has its own personality and its own speed of learning.


The owner receives weekly feedback from his horse. We create a video so that he can witness the progress week after week and thus document the development of the horse over the duration of the ride.





- For intense training and care we have boxes at Gut Hohenkamp

* 3 times daily oats / müsli 

* 2 times daily hay

* 7 days a week, walker / sand paddocks / gras paddocks 



- The horses get trained 5-6 days per week

- additional to the normal dressage work, the horses are lunged, jumped, exercised on the racetrack or on the cross country track.

- Participating at competitions is possible depending on the arrangements and the horses abilities