Dressage training on the racetrack. That's what makes the training concept of Jennifer Herzog so special. The daily dressage training does not take place at the outdoor arena, as usual, but at the racetrack. Here she trains beside her own, if desired, also horses who stay at the stable for schooling and riding students. The training in the indoor arena or the outdoor arena is only occasionally used.


"Being different" and "revolutionizing the equestrian world" is her motto. It is not trained for success, but for the horse. And the basic requirement for a powerful horse is a horse ready to perform. The best way to do this is to give the horse space and space for its development and to train where it feels best - outside. At the same time the horses are strengthened in character and mentally by the daily new impressions.


Another focus of her training concept is the openness for all breeds and riders. Dressage is not there for the sport, but for the horse. Whether PRE, Friese, Haflinger, draft horse or warm-blooded animals - everything is gladly seen. The development of different solutions adapted to the different horse types is another core element of her way of working.