Training concept


Sensitive riding lessons in which horse and rider grow together. That's what the training of Jennifer Herzog is all about. Form a unit, not according to a Scheme F, but train individually. Here at JH Dressurausbildung horse and rider are trained with feeling and understanding up to the highest classes (up to Grand Prix).


Another focus of the training concept is the openness for all breeds and riders. Dressage is not there for the sport, but for the horse. Whether PRE, Frisian, Haflinger, draft horse or warm-blood - all are welcome. The development of different solutions adapted to the different horse types is a core of Jennifer's way of working.


"Standstill is backward movement" - even the small steps must be noticed and rewarded, because they are the really important.

The most important factors in education are calmness and patience. They complete the passion of an instructor for his craft. Mixed with a good dose of honesty and consistency, Jennifer Herzog cares about every horse and their individual problems. Each requires an individual solution without being overwhelmed or bored.


"Being different" and "revolutionizing the equestrian world" is her motto. It is not trained for winning, but for the horse. And the basic requirement for a powerful horse is a capable horse. This is best achieved by giving the horse space for his development. The big clue here is time. Every horse gets the time it takes to develop and improve. At the same time, emphasis is placed on character-building training through a great deal of variety. 

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